GreenBridge Furnishings has the expertise and the connections to ensure your next project will fully express your vision, while maintaining the highest quality and delivering on time and on budget. Read more to learn about the GreenBridge difference and to see how our unique process works!



At GreenBridge Furnishings, we start with understanding our client’s needs. We ask the right questions and then we listen: lead time, budget, and challenges. It’s our job to be the strategic partner that helps cross things off a “to-do” list as opposed to being the supplier that makes it grow. Send us a mood board – any inspirational images, sketches, or ideas – and let us get to work for you!


We provide everything our clients need to specify their project. Images, conceptual drawings, renderings, finishes, and excellent service. Because we love getting inspired alongside our clients as their ideas develop, we like to start early.


We leverage our extensive knowledge to create products that align perfectly with our clients priorities and goals. Although we pride ourselves in being a “yes” company, we put just as much weight on saying “no”. Our primary focus is devising real-world solutions that bring unique designs to life within a realistic budget and timeline.


Every project gets a project manager. Unlike much of the competition, our PM’s are all trained and certified to make your life easier. We call you before you call us and we tell you what you will need to be successful before you know you need it. We follow up when it’s time to make decisions… and then we ask for the money.


GB is diversified both financially and globally. We manufacture both high-end, custom furnishings as well as stylish and affordable solutions. We manufacture locally as well as domestically. We can handle large volume as well as boutique. This diversity enables us to source the perfect product at the right price, while crossing everything of your “to-do” list. We are committed to making your experience outstanding. Once you’ve partnered with us, your only regret will be not having found us sooner!


Understand Your Vision & Identify Solutions: Understanding you and your needs and goals, is the first step towards creating the right solution. In order to align with your design, budget and timing, GreenBridge accommodates a variety of fulfillment solutions. Options include: purchasing custom furniture, leasing furnishings, repairing existing pieces, and more.

Apply Our Insight & Manage Your Project: Our integrated development process will help you to make informed decisions about optimizing your designs, sourcing the perfect materials and leveraging the right manufacturing process from the start. Our full-service team manages it all. Conceptual renderings, engineered shop drawings, timelines and production schedules are just some of our proficiencies.

Commitment to Service: If our client’s aren’t happy, we did something wrong. We are committed to working tirelessly to make all of our customers satisfied members of the “GreenBridge Family”. Give us your most difficult challenges… we love finding solutions!


Whether you are looking for help crafting a custom furnishing design, need to find the right partner to bring your vision to life, or are looking for an on trend collection to meet your needs, we want to help!