Romeo & Juliet Planter Bench

19 Jan Romeo & Juliet Planter Bench


Our client came in “guns hot” on this project and challenged us to design, produce, and deliver 4 custom planter benches in 4 weeks. My immediate thought was, “this is impossible”… and then we began working!

The original image we were given as design intent shows one planter per bench, using two of them together to create a “loveseat”.  It was my opinion that in order for this piece to perform commercially as a “loveseat”, it would need to be engineered as a double. With 36” in between the plants and much sturdier frame, everyone was now on board.

Our biggest hurdle was by far the planters themselves. Had they been square, it would have been much easier! We literally started from the required weight capacity and worked backwards. Then we went into angles, dimensions, and thicknesses to accomplish the sturdiest possible combination. Getting creative with our process, we decided to sand-cast the planters, giving them that perfectly symmetrical bend at the required density. Lastly, we imported the natural – Grade A – Teak wood and milled them to size.

From sketching to sourcing to CAD and approvals, we were able to deliver an incredible finished [and properly sealed] planter bench as promised! Introducing the Romeo & Juliet by GreenBridge Outdoor.

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